Brian Papson: You Can Take Him Out Of the Country But Country Is Where His Heart Is

By Avery Zendejas

Brian Papson was born and raised in a small town in Northern Michigan, West Branch. The current population of West Branch is just over 2,100 people. Papson’s small-town roots inform everything about who he is. His style, his personality, his morals, and character. He is what people think of when they think of an All-American guy. 

Papson is also a versatile guy. He is a superb athlete, having played goalie in hockey for years growing up, moving up all the way to playing in college at the Division I level for Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Papson is also one of the best actors around. He moved to Los Angeles a few years back and caught the acting bug. But it wasn’t just a whim. He proved to have what it takes to get cast in some good roles, both commercially and in film. He brought an intensity to roles that was captivating according to those that got to see him act.

But Papson also knew that music coursed through his veins and he couldn’t escape the feeling that it was music that was his true calling, having played in bands while in college. So he decided to put acting on hold, for a while at least, packed his bags and moved back to his small town in Michigan. It was the best thing he could have done. Back home, he poured everything into recording some songs and performing when he could, to get back into a groove. And as they say, the heart knows what the heart wants.Papson had found his heart.

We caught up with the versatile songwriter, singer, and actor and found out what his plans are for his music and asked if he was going to ever give us a chance to see him act again.

HB: You moved to LA to pursue acting primarily. So when and why the change to a focus on music?

BP: After studying business and music in school, I decided to move to LA for a short while because my sister was there. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and ended up catching that thing called the acting bug. I loved it and had some success, But soon my primary passion for music became undeniable. 

HB: How would you describe your musical style?

BP:  Modern country

HB: Do you still want to act?

BP: Yes. my dream role is to play in a western film. Also, waiting for the day when a daytime drama, soap opera, needs a country boy! 

HB: Who influenced your style the most? 

BP: I would say Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, and Keith Urban.

HB: Do you intend to move back to LA?

BP:  Not at the moment, but I know there will be a room at the Sunset Marquis waiting for me!

HB: What do you miss about LA? What don’t you miss?

BP: I miss that feeling of knowing for sure every day is going to be sunny and warm. I do not miss the clutter of traffic and parking situations. 

HB: You got to sing at a baseball game.

BP: Yeah, I just sang the National Anthem for the pro minor league baseball team Columbus Clippers. That was a great experience. A lot of fun.  It was an honor and a proud feeling to sing our great anthem.  Also very nerve-racking. I had a twitch in my right leg the entire time!

HB: Any interesting stories about performing live at other events? I’m sure crazy things happen.

BP: I was playing an outdoor festival near water and a seagull swooped in close right over my head on stage and I fell back onto the drums ducking out of the way. The song kept going and nobody was hurt but the next time someone requests “Free Bird” you better believe I’m gonna play it!

HB: What are you working on now?

BP: I just finished 15 demos of new self-written songs ready to be recorded! So there’s a lot to come.

Twitter: @brianpapson Instagram: @brianpapson

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