Sh*t People In The Industry Say

“I’d eat that but would my character eat that?”

“If anybody asks, just tell ’em we’re shooting a mayonnaise commercial.”

“What do you mean craft services doesn’t have Red Vines?!”

“I’ll give you five Red Vines if you carry that sandbag over there for me.”

“This time when you get the permit, don’t tell the cops that we’re ‘shooting’ on the campus tomorrow.”

“I’m kind of a big deal actually.”

“Oh my God, that part was made for me!”

“I’m all about Method Acting.”

“It’s nice to see people who look like you get cast in roles.”

“Don’t make eye contact with [insert jerk mega-star’s name] while passing them on set.”

“I need it to be completely silent when I act.”

“I’m a nice person and love you but I’m competitive in the callback room.”

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