West Hollywood’s Bar Lubitsch

By Jaelynn Offerman

Have you ever wanted to hit the dance floor in a heavily-packed, communist-era inspired room? Bar Lubitsch is just the place for you. Don’t worry, it’s a lot better than it sounds.

With over 10 years of operation, Bar Lubitsch has managed to establish and maintain a name for itself in West Hollywood’s “Little Russia.” The Russian themed bar is filled with red and gold décor. The crystal chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling add a sense of sophisticated, yet modern aesthetic to it. I’m all for eye-catching aesthetic, so ten points for Bar Lubitsch. 

In order to give you a proper review, I feel that I need to first take you on a journey of my night. Maybe if you walk in my 4-inch heels, you’ll get a better understanding of why I experienced Bar Lubitsch the way I did.

My Journey Through Bar Lubitsch

I arrived at the bar around 11:45 PM with my ID ready in my hand. To my relief, there was no line my friends and I had to wait in, and we were greeted by friendly bouncers. The one who checked my ID even went out of his way to wish me a happy belated birthday. I mention this because good customer service, even with bouncers, can say a lot about a business. 

Walking past the bouncers, I found a brick and ivy-enclosed outdoor patio. This area seemed perfect for those who want to get away from the blaring music and enjoy more intimate conversations. Inside, I took my first glance at Bar Lubitsch and thought “this is it? Huh… I expected more.” 

Now, I’m not saying the room was terrible. There was a decent crowd, mixed with people aged between 25-40 years old. Thankfully, the lounge area had plenty of room to move about and booths for people who wanted to sit and chat. There was also a bar stocked with about 200 bottles of vodka lining the wall (you can’t spell “Russia” without “vodka”). 

Yet, being as the time was close to midnight, I still wondered where all the dancing, music, and people were. 

Then, I noticed a hallway. As I continued through the room, past the bathroom, I finally arrived in the backroom. THE room to be in. That is if you enjoy crowded, sweat-infested, dance floors. Luckily, I kind of do. Plus, the DJ happened to be playing Beyoncé, so I was instantly having a good time. As my friends and I squeezed through the crowd and made a bit of space for ourselves, we started enjoying the music along with everyone else. 

In the backroom, we were spoiled with another bar area. Can you believe? A bar kind enough to supply TWO areas where people can empty their bank accounts on alcoholic drinks! To top it off, the selection of alcohol (vodka) was pretty impressive and the area wasn’t too surrounded with belligerent fiends. After about a two-minute wait, the bartender took my order and made me my first drink of the night: a Long Island strong enough to keep the buzz going between my friend and me. 

My group of friends and I decided to leave as the dance floor became overwhelmingly infested with people bumping and grinding each other. Overall, however, I enjoyed my time spent at Bar Lubitsch. It was the perfect example of “party in the back, business(ish?) in the front.” If I am ever looking for a low-key, fun place to hang out with friends or meet new people, I will definitely head to Bar Lubitsch on a Saturday Night.

Review Breakdown

Location: 3.5/5 Stars

Bar Lubitsch is located on the outskirts of the vibrant party vibes that you’d normally associate with West Hollywood. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to escape all of that chaos. If you’re looking to find areas to continue your partying afterward, there are several bars not too far of a walk away. 

Metered street parking is usually available during the weekdays. However, if you find yourself as the designated driver for your group of friends on a Friday or Saturday, you’re going to need a bit of luck. You might find some parking in a public pay lot on the corner of Spaulding and Santa Monica Boulevard. Otherwise, you better hope and pray to find street parking. 

Drinks: 3.5/5 Stars

Bar Lubitsch has a selection of over 200 vodkas from around the world. While the bar highlights its vodka offerings, it is also possible to enjoy other types of alcohol for non-vodka drinkers. For research purposes, I decided to order 3 drinks at Bar Lubitsch. You know, to truly appreciate Mr. Bartender’s hard work. Don’t worry, I shared most of my drinks so I wouldn’t forget all of my significant findings. My Long Island and Gin & Tonic were both on the strong side, but not to the point where the drinks were unbearable. You can tell Bar Lubitsch doesn’t scam partiers by watering down their drinks, which is a good thing in my eyes. In a fairytale land far, far away, I wouldn’t have to pay much for a drink. However, considering the bar’s location and the alcohol amount in my mixed drinks, I couldn’t complain much about the prices. I still did on the car ride home, though…


    Long Island Iced Tea: $14

    Gin & Tonic: $11

    Lagunitas IPA: $7

Service: 5/5 Stars

Both bar areas were stocked with 2-4 attentive bartenders that made sure to get to everyone in a timely manner. Their impressive turnaround time attributed to the short wait at the bar. So, props to you Mr./Ms. Bartender(s). 10 points for all of you. Bar Lubitsch also has floor runners maneuvering their way through the crowd to pick up any empty drinks or bottles. For someone who enjoys a clean environment, I very much appreciated this.

Music: 5/5 Stars

The DJ, who I barely even noticed due to the heavily packed room, played Top 40 Hits and fan-favorite Hip-Hop/R&B songs. His mixture and flows between old and new hits kept the crowd dancing and alive. Props to you, Mr. DJ. 10 points for you.

Atmosphere: 4/5 Stars

Bar Lubitsch had something for everyone. For those looking for a more laidback area to enjoy the night, they could hang out in the outdoor patio area. If you’re the complete opposite and are looking to dance the night away in a heavily packed room, then you can make your way over to the backroom. And, if you’re looking for something in-between, you can happily place yourself in the front room.

Note: On this particular night, I came to the bar in the middle of a night filled with good music, drinks, and people of all types. Bar Lubitsch offers a wide variety of entertainment for visitors and locals throughout the week. For instance, if you attend the bar on a Monday night, you’ll be able to enjoy local acoustic acts during their Singer Songwriter Night. Or, head over on a Friday night around 8 PM to enjoy a comedy show. My point is, depending on the day you go, you’ll likely have a different experience than the one I had. 

Whatever your choice of weekly bar entertainment, you can probably find it at Bar Lubitsch. Unless you enjoy sitting in bars while watching a live show of a taxidermist at work. I hope you never find that at Bar Lubitsch.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Bar Lubitsch 7702 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046 323.654.1234