DJ Angelina

By Sam Kudrow

Angelina Lavo is one of the most popular electronic dance music DJ’s in America, Europe and Russia. Having grown up in Russia but coming of age in New York City, she brings a wide range of musical styles and experiences to her talent. She was able to collaborate with well-known music producer, Sidney “Omen” Brown, who has produced for Drake, Beyonce, Lil Wayne and many others, early in her career and that exposed her to a whole different level of music and the business. The two co-produced and co-wrote Angelina’s first single and internet music video, “Circus Act,” which earned well over half a million views on YouTube. She went on to work with the recording artist, Twista, and put out her second single and internet video, “Cotton Candy.” But while still enjoying writing songs and singing, creating and being an electronic music DJ has remained her main calling, allowing Lavo to perform in clubs from New York City to Moscow and Atlantic City, and to countries as far and wide as Switzerland and Mexico.

HB: So how did you get into electronic music and what draws you to it?

Angelina: I got into electronic music from classical music I played in my childhood in music school. First I became a back vocalist in a band, then after a while I decided I wanted to perform as a DJ more, so I went to a DJ school in New York. After that I started to procure my own music, cause I looked at other DJs and their emotions when they played their music. It’s totally different. I wanted to play my own music too, so all this transformation happened to me.

HB: When did you know you had a gift for it and when did you decide to go all out for a career 

with this?

 Angelina: I honestly don’t think I have a gift for it even now. I’m just doing what I love to do and moving myself. When I started to produce my own music I felt I wanted it to be heard more and more, so all I’m doing right now is keep working no matter what to get there.

HB: What was it like working with Sidney Brown and how did that come about? 

Angelina: It was one of the best times! I was working with him as a vocalist, we did some great work together. It was my first experience in the music world at that time and I appreciate all the support from Omen. He brought the rapper Twista also in one of our collaborations. But then I decided to move towards electronic music and produce and DJ myself, so I had to leave my mentor and move forward with my own path. 

HB: You are quite the traveler. Which city is your favorite to perform in? Surely you have a worst experience. Tell us about it?

Angelina: My favorite city to perform in is New York, simply because I’ve played there most of the time so far. It’s my hometown, so I feel very comfortable playing there, just like playing at the home party in the backyard. The worst experience I had is Atlantic City, when I played at 

the Harrah’s pool party. While I was playing one guy just came up to the stage and pulled the wire out from the mixer, so the music completely stopped. Everyone was shocked including me, and the guy just sat down under the desk and said to me “I’m sorry.” I looked at him like wtf man? I’m still curious why did he do this. 

HB: How many languages do you speak? How did you learn them?

Angelina: I speak two languages, English and Russian. I learned English at school as much as I could, and in New York when I moved there. I would also be interested in learning Spanish, I think it’s very simple language. Every time I go to Spain it takes me a couple of days to start understanding the language and even speak a little bit, so I think I have some 

potential in there. 

HB: What do you do in your spare time?

Angelina: I love different activities and travels. I do hiking with friends and family, or just drive somewhere on a nice day, out of the city. There’s so many things that you can do in LA. Since I just moved here less than a year ago, I love to explore this city every time I have the opportunity.

HB: What’s in the plans for the future? Where is this path taking you?

Angelina: Plans for the future are to get into Top 100 DJ Mag. That’s the main goal. Release more music, play at the festivals, keep traveling all over the world, and touring. I really wanna make that song that would win people’s hearts. My dream is to make the song that will make people happy, full of emotions and desire to share those happy emotions.