Erin O’Brien Is Building A Resume To Be Proud Of

By Avery Zendejas

Erin O’Brien is one of the sweetest, nicest people you can ever meet. Which is a testament to how great an actor she is since she has built a career playing some of the baddest, toughest characters seen in films. She definitely has a knack for playing the bad girl.

To her credit though, O’Brien has created an incredible body of work. She seems to always be working on a new film or project. Her list of credits goes on and on. Among her most memorable roles and films has been “Fight Valley,” which is already planning a sequel in which she will also star, “Clinton Road,” in which she stars with Eric Roberts and Ice-T, “One Penny,” and the film that locked her in as the Queen of Bad Girls, “Jailbait.”

Needless to say, a whole lot of actors would gladly trade places with O’Brien. Any time you spend more time working on film sets than you do off them, as O’Brien seems to do, you’re right where you want to be in this business.

We were able to get O’Brien to sit down for a bit and fill us in on how she is able to land so many acting roles.

HB: You’ve done a lot of movies in your career, what’s your secret to getting cast so much?

 EO: I feel very lucky to have been able to work in this business and to have been cast as much as I have. I love being busy and I love what I do. I feel like I have been lucky to form some really great working relationships and friendships with people in the industry and I think that’s the secret to working more often than not. If people like you and they are happy with your work ethic they are likely to hire you. So I am grateful for that. 

HB: What made you decide to pursue a career in acting?

EO: I have just always loved movies and theater. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy career path, but I also knew that it was my passion and I had to go for it. Even though it still has its ups and downs, I am truly happy that I am able to work as an actress. 

 HB: What was your favorite role to play?

EO: I loved my character in the film “What Death Leaves Behind.” I play this badass rock and roll chick, and I have some pretty intense scenes in the film. It was a very physical role and I had an amazing scene partner in the film as well, my friend, actor Johnny Alonso. He really helped elevate the scenes for me. He is a wonderful talent and really brought out the emotion for me in the film. 

 HB: Do you have a particular way or technique for preparing for a role?

 EO: I think with each project it’s different. For my role in the Film “Fight Valley,” I took jiu-jitsu classes and worked out a ton. I like to try to research as much as I can and just mentally & physically prepare as much as I can too. Since my boyfriend is an actor also, I really like working with him before a project. He’s actually a really great acting coach for me, as well as a really good actor himself. 

 HB: What’s the hardest part about being in this business?

 EO: The hardest part is NOT working. There are times that I will work on projects back to back and will be busy for weeks traveling and working. Then nothing else comes along for months. That’s the hardest .. waiting for the next project is always the worst. This business is very up & down. 

HB: The best part?

EO: The best part is being on set and being able to do what I love. I love getting to work with an awesome cast and crew and making new friends and meeting cool people. I also like the traveling. Each new project is a cool experience for me. 

 HB: You’re involved with an actor. Is it hard for you to both be in the business?

EO: Actually not at all. It’s the best! I love being with an actor because Erik (Aude) understands the business and he’s always there to help me film auditions or run lines. It really is the best. He’s great 🙂 

 HB: Do you want to direct or produce?

EO: At this point, I have no desire to direct or produce. But maybe in the future. My focus now is only acting. 

HB: Any advice for someone starting out in the business?

EO: My advice is, if this is something you really want and you know it’s your passion, then go for it and don’t give up no matter how long it takes. And don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it. If acting is something you love, then you can 100% do it, as long as you work hard

Photography By Haldane Morris

To hear and see more of Erin, check back soon to see her video interview with Hollywood Blvd Magazine’s Anissa Claiborne.

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