Meet The Host Of Hollywood Blvd Magazine Online, Anissa Claiborne

By Zach Koepp

Being in front of the camera is no easy task in the world of journalism. It takes passion, zeal, and the ability to balance creative insight and objectivity. A host must have the social awareness to engage with a guest while captivating an audience, and that’s why Hollywood Blvd Magazine didn’t think twice when hiring Anissa Claiborne.

Within moments of meeting Anissa one feels her enthusiasm for human interaction, her yearning to ask questions, listen, and tell stories. She is one of the fortunate people walking around Los Angeles destined to be what so many aspire to become.

Let’s get to know her.

Born in Riverside, California, and the oldest of nine children, Anissa set the standard for leading by example. During her tenure at Martin Luther King High School, she was the head captain of the track team, the head captain of the cheer team, and also the class President. Not to mention, she graduated with honors.

She came to the realization that she wanted to be in front of the camera while constantly being voted to represent the voice of her contemporaries in high school. Once she identified this pattern, she felt it was her calling to exemplify causes she believed in and took it upon herself to express it on behalf of others.

It was then she decided to do this in the form of broadcast journalism. There was also a glaring red flag that motivated her to further heights. The field lacked diversity. Being Black, Mexican, and Salvadorian, Anissa began applying for colleges on a mission to make a change.

Once she was accepted to the University of Southern California she immediately declared her major in Broadcast and Digital Journalism. During her time at USC, she was able to experiment between digital platform and television where her talents led her to be the host of a show called The Morning Brew, which covered everything from politics to entertainment. She regularly interviewed up-and-coming and already established artists in the entertainment industry. 

“My favorite part about hosting The Morning Brew was learning about these individuals beyond the surface level. I’d listen and try to connect on a substantive level. That’s the human interaction I crave.”

She also successfully reported weather for the USC student station, but her love for broadcast journalism couldn’t be superseded.  It cannot go unmentioned that when not making waves throughout the entertainment departments of the university, she was the head captain of the USC cheerleading squad, leading the cheers of thousands of fans who attended Trojans’ sporting events.

Hollywood Blvd Magazine and Anissa came to an agreement after the first interview.

When asked why she chose the HB, her response was simple. “Hollywood Blvd Magazine was a no-brainer for me,” she said. “It is a magazine that allows the opportunity for creative freedom by embracing all forms of talent in a positive light. It is a company that wants to see the good in people and places. That’s what makes it so special and that’s why it aligned perfectly with my career goals. This allows the ability to create my own path because there isn’t going to be another me and ultimately, my goal is to have a respected name in this industry.”

Needless to say, Anissa Claiborne was the right fit for Hollywood Blvd Magazine.

In her spare time, she can be seen running up Runyon Canyon, the Santa Monica stairs or other popular hiking trails in the city. She’s usually on the never-ending quest to find the best Mexican restaurants or food trucks around, or shopping with friends. But what she holds dearest to her heart is her family. As mentioned earlier, she is the oldest of nine siblings and the role of being a sister and daughter may be the only thing more important than being a journalist who will undoubtedly make a profound impact on this world.

Photography By Haldane Morris

Instagram: @anissaclaiborne

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