The Dolly Llama: This Place Takes Waffles To A Whole New Level

By Sylvia Valdez

When I think of Llama’s there’s one iconic scene that has been seared in my mind. “Here Tina, come get some dinner, Tina, eat!” as made famous by Jon Heder in Jared Hess’s “Napoleon Dynamite.” Well at The Dolly Llama in downtown Los Angeles you won’t find any five-foot llamas nagging for food, but waffle cone ice cream is a close alternative.

Located in the heart of Downtown’s Jewelry District, on the Corner of 4th Street and Spring Street, the Dolly Llama offers a much-needed break for all those commuting busy bees. Just a block away from the Instagram famous, The Last Bookstore, this shop invites you to explore the city and the ambiance that comes with it. Draped with black painted walls and teal neon lights, this place sets the tone for a good time. The walls are furnished with shelves that hold jars of some of your favorite things: Fruit Loops, marshmallows, Nutella, gumballs, and Fruity Pebbles. The ice cream shop also offers a second floor, where guests can enjoy the view of the dessert making process.

Once you get through the plethora of suave sunglass wearing llamas, you reach the counter and view the simple yet effective menu. You’re just three effortless steps into crafting the perfect sweet tooth craving. One thing you will instantly come to love is the sliced fresh fruit and array of glass jars with appetizing toppings.

The first step, admittedly, is the most crucial. Deciding where you want your ice cream scoops to lay is imperative. It’s either a waffle stick, bubble waffle, or the OG waffle. From there, things get saucy -maple syrup, red berry, peanut butter, Nutella, white chocolate matcha. These are just a few of the sauces you can choose from. These sauces nicely decorate the scoops of ice cream. Lastly, you top your dessert with a little extra pizazz. In this stage of the customization, you can really get creative. They offer a serious amount of toppings. Chocolate bars, gummy bears, cereal, coconut shavings, and sprinkles are just a few selections you can add to your creation.

The waffle master can offer the Llama’s top picks and signatures, just in case you’re not sure how to combine these items. Their signatures include The Dolly Llama, which is cookie monster ice cream, whole milk, cocoa puffs, whipped cream, sprinkles with M&M’s and topped off with a chocolate bar. If that doesn’t satisfy your sugary craving, maybe these might – Cookie Snob, Peanut Better, or the Chocolate Lover. 

By the way, if you’re not really feeling like chowing down on a waffle, don’t sweat it, they also offer milkshakes. Ice cream lover unite!

I visited The Dolly Llama in downtown L.A. but there are two locations to choose from: 273 S. Western Avenue and 611 S. Spring Street.