Sanctuary In The City Of Angels

By Sylvia Valdez

It was a Thursday afternoon, the skies were clear and there was a cool breeze in Downtown Los Angeles. Snuggled between The Broad and The Music Museum, sits The Walt Disney Concert Hall, overlooking the city from a hilltop.

As I stood there looking up, admiring the unique architecture, I realized how much of a staple the concert hall is. A school bus was parked in the front, children were lining up. Tourists were posing, asking strangers to take their picture. Although there was construction going on, the view was still worth pausing life for a second.

Photo from Curbed LA

Entrances on both sides of the concert hall, lead you to a serene garden in the heart of the city. The Blue Ribbon Garden is as captivating as its name. As you march up those set of stairs and feel the cool breeze on your back, you wonder can a garden really exist here. Then you see it. Vibrant trees, shade, the getaway you didn’t know could be here when only viewing the building from the street.

As you waltz gently through the garden, a grand mosaic rose sits patiently. “The Fountain pays tribute to the late Lilian Disney and her love for Royal Delft porcelain vases and roses,” Discover Los Angeles explains. Amidst the greenery and stainless steel of the building, broken tile pieces contrast the concrete feel to the garden.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, which opened in 2003, seats over 2,200 people, and has been leaving audiences in awe ever since. Known for it’s beautifully constructed interior made of wooden panels, the concert hall also houses a pipe organ for the ages, curved organ pipes that you truly have to see. The concert hall is the home for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and The Los Angeles Master Chorale. Obviously this iconic place is worth coming to for those performances alone.

This fountain was designed by Frank Gehry (who designed the Walt disney Concert Hall) as a tribute to Lillian Disney and her love of roses and Delft porcelain. Taken on the docent led tour of the Music Center of Los Angeles.

But you don’t have to wait for a concert. The Blue Ribbon Garden is checking out for its own sake. Whether you’re from out of town or work in an office down the street, a fifteen-minute walk through this garden and you’ll leave totally relaxed. The garden is located on Grand Ave in Downtown Los Angeles, to learn more information about attending the concert hall or viewing the garden, click here.

Photo from LA Phil

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