Plus Sized in L.A.

Have you seen the plus size industry booming right now? It’s completely fabulous right?! For once the plus size woman is getting the recognition she deserves after the taunting remarks to be thinner. I’m not sure how it is anywhere else, but in Los Angeles, the plus size community is well underway. Here, there are many plus size models in the business and the stores are beginning to sell more plus size clothing now. It feels nice not to go far and beyond to shop. The feeling of going inside one of my local malls’ and walk out with plentiful shopping bags on each arm is indescribable. It just does something to you. Let me explain.

For the longest time, the plus size community has been looked down on by the general public. Then, something marvelous happened. Around the years 2007-2009, I noticed a difference in the representation of larger bodies in the media and film. I remember comedian and actress Monique’s film, “P.H.A.T. Girlz” appearing on television. I have never felt so proud of being a heavier girl than in that moment. The movie depicts a quirky, plus size woman working in a well-known department store in Los Angeles. She has big dreams of becoming a fashion designer for the other plus size women. Her frustration, as well as that of many plus size women, was that there were limited selections of plus sizes clothing in stores. The pieces that occupied the store were seen as old fashioned and frumpy looking. I found it interesting that the movie took place in Los Angeles and not anywhere else. This city is known for the image that everyone must eat healthy and remain thin to be accepted. For Monique’s character to make a triumph with her designs for thick women in L.A. was a stepping stone, not just for the plus size clothing.

Living in Los Angeles is one hell of an experience. From the mind-blowing cost of living to the numerous places to have a taco, this place can be a bit overwhelming.

However, those are things I can get used too. What I can’t stand is the desperate need to head to the gym and eat greens all day like a goat. I am not shading the people out there that love doing this and love to work out. However, don’t judge me because I like to have a cheeseburger at a restaurant. Then, I can see other people’s eyes on me every time I walk into a room. I am a confident enough to wear what I please, meaning I don’t mind showing a little skin.

The people of Melrose Avenue can’t seem to get a grip on a plus size woman feeling joyous in her own skin. The stares of strangers almost made me feel uncomfortable, but I rose above it.

If you order anything with real meat or extra cheese you are going to get these judgmental side eyes.

 Everyone walking around in exercise gear as if they just came back from hiking or running a marathon can be intimidating. Not to mention the many restaurants surrounding Los Angeles that sell nothing but vegan and vegetarian meals. Let’s be honest, the health epidemic has gotten worse on the judgement of other people.

I feel it’s always been a crisis in the past, but today, I feel like it’s been put on full blast.

Nevertheless, bigger women are making a comeback with their plus size campaigns all over the internet. We, as a community, are the face of Playboy, Sports and Vogue top fashion magazines, so yes this is our time. I still don’t see many plus size beauties walking around Los Angeles but, I know they are out there. I follow countless accounts on Instagram of plus size influencers and models strutting their stuff on these bougie L.A. streets. It’s all good though. The great city of Los Angeles still has many great characteristics to its culture. Like the arts. But that’s for another article.

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