Ashley Green: A Coast To Coast Talent

Ashley Green is an American actress from Boston who now lives in Los Angeles, who has in a sense, spent her whole life prepping for success in the film and TV business.

She was involved with a theatre company from the age of eight where she acted in both musicals and straight plays including The Sound of MusicGrease, and Oliver. She continued acting throughout high school and into her college years at The  Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts where she performed in main stage shows such as Robin HoodThe Crucible, and Blood Wedding and received her BA in theatre & performing arts. In her time in LA she has gone on to book leading roles in feature films, episodics, commercials, and music videos, including one with the world known group, The Black Keys. We caught up with the busy actress to talk about her insights into the business.

HB: So why the decision to come out West and pursue this crazy business?

AG: I have been acting on stage since I was eight years old. If I’m being completely honest, it is all I know. It was an easy decision to pursue theater in college. Upon graduation, I had been doing theater for an entire decade of my life and I was ready for something new. My friend and I flipped a coin on whether we would move to either Los Angeles or New York to begin our professional acting career. I think you know the end of the story, but it ended up flipping “heads”on Los Angeles. I’ve been here ever since. Another decade of my life.

HB: What is your favorite part about being an actor?

AG: My favorite part is crossing the invisible line. If you are having a tragic day, acting allows you to step over that line and walk in someone else’s shoes for that short time. In opposition, you could be playing very traumatic role, and you got to step back over that line and go back to living your fine life. If done correctly, acting can be such a beautifully transformative art.

HB: What is the worst part about it?

AG: The lifestyle. It’s always difficult to lead the actors lifestyle. Until you have achieved the success level that you have set for yourself, it can be hard to never know when the next job or next paycheck is just around the corner. It is also exciting in a way, but there are bills to pay – and I try not to let that part suck the fun out of it.

HB: What is the toughest role you’ve played to date?

AG: There have been many. I will tell you the story of when I landed the role of Elizabeth Proctor in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” in college. I had just dealt with one of the first deaths of a friend that I had ever experienced. He lived right next-door to me and hung himself. A few days later I had to perform in “The Crucible.” It was very spiritual experience as I felt his presence on stage with me. It is also one of my favorite roles to date.

HB: Who do you most want to work with if you could?

AG: I am a huge fan of Deniro. I have always enjoyed his work, and my favorite genre of movies is “mob/gangster movies.” I would love to work with him, for starts. I have a whole list!

HB: Anything else you want to say about yourself or your life?

AG: I feel very blessed to have chosen this lifestyle, or rather, this lifestyle has chosen me. There have been ups and downs, and the life of an actor is always the scariest ride in the amusement park. However, the art is so beautiful and I am so happy to have found a place in this crazy but exciting world.

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