Hollywood Trivia

So you think you know Hollywood, celebrity and Pop Culture. Well here is our latest quiz on movies, stars, and Tinseltown. See how well you do. No peeking at the answers!

1. Who is the youngest Best Actor winner?

a. Adrien Brody b. Leonardo DiCaprio c. John Travolta d. Sidney Poitier

2. What woman has won the most Oscars?

a. Meryl Streep b. Edith Head c. Julie Andrews d. Jennifer Lawrence

3. What was the highest grossing film of 2018 in North America?

a. Aquaman b. Green Book c. Black Panther d. Avengers: Infinity War

4. For what category was Bradley Cooper snubbed in last year’s Oscars for “A Star Is Born”?

a. Best Director b. Best Actor c. Best Picture d. Best Song

5. Which film took home “Best Picture, Drama” at the Golden Globes?

a. Bohemian Rhapsody b. Black Panther c. A Star Is Born d. If Beale Street Could Talk

6. “The Long Night” is a prequel to what series?

a. The Walking Dead b. Westworld c. Veep d. Game of Thrones

7. What did Meghan Markle Prince Harry name their son?

a. Allen b. Archie c. Alfred d. Shaggy

8. How many children do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have together?

a. 4 b. 2 c. 3 d. 5

9. Justin Bieber released the song, “I Don’t Care” with what other artist?

a. Nelly b. Cardi B c. Chance The Rapper d. Ed Sheeran

10. Which is the highest-grossing video game franchise to date?

a. Call of Duty b. Mario c. Halo d. Fortnite

Answers: 1. a 2. b 3. c 4. a 5. a 6. d 7. b 8. a 9. d 10. b