Amazon’s “The Boys” Rejuvenates The Superhero Genre

It is true that we’re currently in the age of the superhero era of movies, much like when Westerns ruled the silver screen. Eventually the Western was laid to rest to make way for science fiction and such. So the question becomes how is it that superhero movies are still popular today after all these years and have yet to lose their luster in the box office?

My thoughts are that its the evolution of style which has kept the genre fresh and kept the audience coming back for more. For example, when superhero movies started to take over the industry they were more focused on action and drama. The classic tale of the hero taking on the villain through a story of self-discovery. The hero character was simple and his actions only driven by the intense character of the villain. But then something changed with the arrival of the movie “Deadpool.”

The main hero, Deadpool, broke the fourth wall and talked to the audience, it was fresh and amazing because here was an evil Superhero that was really funny, in a violent way. It was a new take on the superhero. Then other Marvel movies started to latch onto this formula. Look at the “Thor” movies, for example.

The tone and style of the first “Thor” is nothing like the 3rd movie. The first movies are kind of dark and a simple hero’s quest. But the 3rd movie is just a straight up comedy and the result is amazing. The superhero comedy style works and as a result, people demand more of it. “Thor Ragnarok” is actually one of my favorite Marvel movies solely because it’s hilarious and I don’t mean in a cheesy sense. I mean the movie is a superhero comedy that is very well written. Then we saw this comedy style start to flow into other Marvel movies like “Ant-Man” and “The Avengers.” Marvel figured out how to give the superhero a fresh take. But comedy can only take it so far. 

Amazon Studios has now given us the comic book show, “The Boys,” which gives us a dark, comedic take on superheroes. Here it’s like if Superman was represented by CAA and had an entire PR team that told him where to fight crime and how to do it just for the sponsors and money. Amazon took the idea of diva reality tv stars and combined them with superheroes, and it’s comedy gold.

“The Boys”

If you haven’t watched “The Boys” yet, don’t worry, because I’m not going to give any spoilers or anything. You’re just going to have to watch it and I’m not gonna lie, I binged the entire thing in one day because I was so hooked. Sadly, there are only eight episodes, but already Amazon Studios is working on Season 2. So my advice is after you’re done reading this article, check it out. The characters in the show are amazing and the story is so well written, with tons of twists and turns.

I have to say that I salute Hollywood right now for being able to take the superhero movie to another level and give it a fresh comedic game. I thought after “Endgame” the new superhero stylewould start to fade out, but I was wrong. I know that some people think the market is saturated with superhero movies right now, but let’s face it, people, they are still going strong.

I’m excited to see what’s next and if it keeps going like this, then the superhero genre might be around til the next Ice Age.

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