Meet Chelsea Snyder: Co-Host Of Our “Take 2” Podcast

Chelsea Snyder seems like she was born to host a show. The only question would have been whether the show was about sports or entertainment, two of her personal passions. Snyder is a sports fanatic and can go toe-to-toe with anyone when it comes to her knowledge of sports. Attribute that partially to having grown up with a Dad who is a coach for a major football power. But Snyder is also a huge pop culture aficionado, with a love for and knowledge of so many things in the music, film and TV worlds. So she has lots to talk about and brings phenomenal experience and training to her love of hosting and reporting.

Snyder was trained in broadcasting at Texas A&M University. She started her career as a sports reporter at 12th Man Productions in conjunction with the SEC Network during their launch year in 2014. From there she went on to work as an on-air reporter for WILX News 10/Fox 47 in Lansing, Michigan, before making the move to Los Angeles. She now co-hosts the “Take 2” Podcast alongside Madison Brodsky, and also co-hosts a show on Afterbuzz TV. We caught up with her to learn more about her life and career.

HB: How did you get started in hosting/reporting and why did you decide on this as a career path?

CS: I graduated from Texas A&M University with my Bachelors in Communication & Journalism with a concentration in broadcast/media. I started my career by having the amazing opportunity to work for the awarding winning 12th Man Productions in conjunction with the SEC Network during their launch year in 2014. I was a sports reporter for 12th Man Productions, and Texas A&M Athletics. With my father being a college football coach I have been around the media since I was very young, so naturally becoming a journalist and reporter was always an interest of mine! 

HB: Who was the craziest or most interesting interview you‘ve done?

CS: Covering the Larry Nassar trial while I was a news reporter in Lansing, Michigan were definitely the most interesting and impactful interviews I’ve done in my career so far. 

HB: What makes for a good interview and conversely what makes an interview really hard?

CS: The more comfortable you make someone feel, the better interview you’re ultimately going to get. Also, off-the-cuff questions typically generate the best answers. As a viewer, nothing is worse for me than hearing someone go through a laundry list of questions without exploring something deeper.  Interviews are always the hardest when the person is closed off and gives very short and vague answers. Even if you’re the best interviewer, every journalist has been through it and had to power through the interview. 

HB: You’ve lived in a lot of cities. Has LA lived up to what you expected?

CS: So far so good!

HB: Podcasting seems to be hot right now. Do you think it is going to continue to grow or do you think it has peaked?

CS: I honestly feel that podcasting will continue to grow. The more shows in the mix the better, as long as they’re done by people whose intentions are to make a difference for their listeners and not just for the exposure. What needs to be created is real conversations and content that will benefit their audience, not just the hosts. 

HB: Who is your dream person to interview?

CS: I’ve said this time and time again, and I’m sure I’ll be judged for this answer, but Justin Bieber has been at the top of my list of people I’d love to interview for quite sometime. I’ve been a “belieber” since his YouTube days, so I have thirteen years worth of questions that need answers! (She says laughing)

The “Take 2” Podcast begins again in September with new episodes and a new format.

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