Interviews with people in the business, and great talk about the issues and news of the week out of Hollywood.

Hosted by Chelsea Snyder and Haley J!

Episode 6

Comedian-Screenwriter, Kevin Foster, joins Chelsea and Haley J to talk about breaking into TV writing and how he deals with life in Hollywood.

Episode 5

Chelsea and Haley J talk about what’s hot in Hollywood this week. They are also joined in the studio by singer-songwriter, Maggie Szabo, who talks about the music business and her path to over 13 million views online.

Episode 4

This week Chelsea and Haley discuss the Tristan and Jordan scandal and its impact on Khloe Kardashian. They also cover “Vampire Diaries,” Vanessa Hudgens, “Frozen 2,” Gwyneth Paltrow and the unique marital arrangement she has with her husband. Houston Rhines, who has appeared in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Training Day,” “The Mindy Project,” and the latest Kelly Clarkson music video among other movies and TV shows drops in and is interviewed about his life and career.

Episode 3

In this episode, hosts Haley J and Chelsea Snyder cover a wide range of things happening in entertainment. They cover Pride Month, MTV’s “You’re The One” and its sexually fluid cast, safety in the age of ride sharing and social media, Scott Disick’s new clothing line, and dealing with people who choose to be mean.

Episode 2

Episode 2: In this episode, hosts Chelsea Snyder and Haley J open the show talking about the latest Hollywood news including what’s up with former Jersey Shore star Snookie as well as the latest on the Bachelor and other reality TV shows. Former casting director and now acting coach, Dino Ladki, drops in to talk casting tips as well as dish on some of his work with celebs including Lindsay Lohan.

Episode 1

Episode 1: Get to know our hosts, Chelsea Snyder and Haley J, as they fill you on their paths to Hollywood and give insight on life in LA. The y also get into the news of the week. This week they talk about the YouTube feud between Tati and James Charles, as well as body positivity and Tyra Banks.

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